Enhancing Tyres With Nitrogen Inflation

by | Nov 26, 2022

We've all seen those movies where they use nitrogen in the engine for speed. While that is great fun to watch, it's not the only thing it is used for. Nitrogen can be used to inflate tyres which can give you a different driving experience on the road. Here are a few reasons why it is beneficial to inflate your tyres with nitrogen.

It increases fuel economy. With the tyres optimally inflated and less air leaving the tyres it enables the ideal pressure to be possible. This creates the optimal driving conditions which causes the engine to work a little less when accelerating, therefore fuel is saved. With the constant increase in costs, it would be great to save fuel.
It increases the life of the tyre. The nitrogen does not have the same eroding effect as air does, or more specifically carbon dioxide. Consequently, you probably won't need to change the wheels as often as you would have had to if you used air inflation.
It stabilises the tyre pressure. As mentioned before the nitrogen maintains the pressure which is suitable for the ideal driving experience. When the pressure is at an optimal range the shock absorbers are able to perform more efficiently. This will give you a smoother drive.
It gives you better grip on the roads. The nitrogen inflated tyres gives you a better grip on the road because it creates a firmer and fuller shape to the tyre which remains constant for a longer time frame than with standard air inflation. You will have better peace of mind when taking corners especially those tight sharp corners.
It is safer in all weather conditions. It is suitable for both cold and warm weather conditions and performs consistently throughout wet and dry conditions. No matter what the weather is like, at least you are assured that the tyres will perform well while you are driving.

Nitrogen inflation is the ideal way to enhance your tyres because it can save fuel (which saves you money), increase the life of the tyre (which is also cost saving), give you better grip on the road and keep you safe in all weather conditions. If you are going to opt for nitrogen inflation, be sure to do it at an accredited workshop who knows what they are doing. All the air will have to be removed before the nitrogen is to be inflated. If you are unsure about anything, always discuss your concerns with a professional that will be able to give you the best advice.

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