Maximising Ute Space The Easy Way

by | Sep 2, 2021

Sometimes, the power and performance of a ute just are not enough to handle all of your hauling or capacity needs. When that happens, it is easy to get the space needed to transport any item from point A to B by installing additional lightweight 4wd drawers into the cargo space of a ute.

Storage options vary depending on the size of a vehicle and the items needing to be stored. However, trained professionals can install these 4wd drawers quickly with the equipment and skill required to ensure seamless installation free from gaps that could attract dust and moisture.

If you are in the market for the best 4×4 drawers system to meet your storage needs, consider the following options.

Two Drawer Roller Bearing Units

For best performance, choose a storage system made with roller bearing units. Roller bearings on the front and rear of each unit provide the smooth-rolling capability to move drawers in both directions easily! This mobility makes them the perfect installation for those that may have physical trouble loading and unloading items from the back of their vehicle.

Single Drawer Units

For those that just need a contained space to store small loads on one side with room for more oversized cargo on the other side, single drawer units are the ideal storage installation. This option allows you to fit any item securely into the unit and roll it effortlessly onto your ute. Additionally, these units are perfect for protecting delicate objects from bulky materials that must be transported simultaneously.

Three Drawer Units

A three-drawer unit is best for those who need increased storage capacity for several different types of items. This option allows you to store smaller items within two separate drawers and bigger things in a larger drawer on the other side. In addition, most installers offer additional customisation to divide smaller drawers into compartments for organising and storing different items such as nuts, bolts, nails, drill bits, and other hardware accessories.


For those that need easy access to all of their gear without having to repeatedly climb all the way to the back of their ute, slides are an affordable and convenient option. Slides can also be installed next to single unit drawers making storage and organisation even easier.

Customised Drawers

The best part about installing a new drawer system in your utility vehicle is that you can customise the addition to fit your needs. For example, consider installing a fridge storage compartment along with a single drawer unit to provide you with a space to store food during your lunch break or as an added benefit when camping.

As you can see, 4wd drawers customised to fit your specific needs are the best way to maximise and organise your cargo space to meet your storage and hauling needs.

Talk with a professional installer from your local ute dealer today to find out more about how to get the best 4×4 drawers system for your vehicle!

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