Why You Want to Work With Us? Answering the Typical Interview Question

by | Nov 18, 2022

There are two wide angles of this question:

Why are you interested in this company?
How you describe your interest in the job?

When an interviewer asks you- “Why you want to work with us?” that means he wants to collect information as:

• Get some details about your goals related to career and what you think about current job profile being offered to you.

• Ensure that you are highly interested in this particular job and will show dedication in your work if they hire you.

• Your research work about the company, position or industry will reflect here.

• They need to understand your viewpoints about preferences and priorities as it will have direct impact on your performance.

Note that, every part of this question must be answered with different approach even for Part time jobs.

The interview panel is looking forward for a candidate who can fit perfectly in their work environment and will enjoy working with them. Your homework will reflect the best answer here and you need to specify few unique reasons about why you want to join this firm.

Some of the best reasons to explain are:

ü General reputation of company

ü Reputation of the key leaders

ü Little admiration of their services and products

ü Admire few major initiatives of company like training programs, community involvement and marketing campaign.

ü Awards offers by company to its employees

ü Management philosophy of company

ü Core values of company

ü Position of company in market

ü Growth and success rate

Here are few common mistakes that you need to avoid while answering this question:

Never give a general answer that can be applied to any other company commonly.
Avoid answer that reflects your zero research about the company.
An unenthusiastic answer can also force the interviewer to avoid you from hiring. Show little excitement about this job profile and the idea of joining that particular company.

Now, you might have well understood that one of the most important factors that plays important role in forming a specific answer to this company is your research work. More you know about the background and history of the company, more appreciable will be your answer. So it is time to learn about few important aspects related to how to do research about the company.

You definitely need to practice your answer to this question so below are few tips for you:

Navigate the company website; it is one of the most obvious approaches and you must find time to do it. Usually, company websites use to cover all major information, vision and mission details of that company. Read their press release and get connected to some media mentions. Never forget to go through their blogs if they use to update them on the website.

Do some Google search for their company, market of their products and services as well as their prominent competitors. Use your personal network to collect information about the company and their job profile that they are going to offer you during an interview.

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