Augmented Reality (AR) Is a Technology That Takes the World Around You and Adds Virtual Content

by | Aug 27, 2018

Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of reality where live direct or indirect views of physical real-world environments are augmented with superimposed computer-generated images over a user's view of the real-world, thus enhancing one's current perception of reality. Unlike virtual reality, which requires you to inhabit an entirely virtual environment, augmented reality uses your existing natural environment and simply overlays virtual information on top of it. As both virtual and real worlds harmoniously coexist, users of AR experience a new and improved natural world where virtual information is used as a tool to provide assistance with everyday activities. As an AR development company, We offers the world class business and mobility solutions for your enterprise.
In the next few years, users will be able to try on clothes without actually wearing it or to check if the furniture fits the interior. And all this just with a help of Android or iPhone augmented reality app. Moreover, with future technology evolution, there will appear other human sensors as smelling, touching and feeling. Innovations offers new opportunities for a vast amount of markets and spheres, among them banking, real estate, healthcare, and even manufacturing.
On the spectrum between Virtual Reality (VR), which creates immersive, computer-generated environments, and the real world, Augmented Reality (AR) is closer to the real world. Augmented Reality adds graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and smell to the natural world as it exists. From social media filters, to surgical procedures, AR is rapidly growing in popularity because it brings elements of the virtual world, into our real world, thus enhancing the things we see, hear, and feel. When compared to other reality technologies, augmented reality lies in the middle of the mixed reality spectrum; between the real world and the virtual world. Contact us, for a demo or to learn more about our AR development services.Augmenting the new concepts into the sale of consumer durable goods has enhanced the customer buying behavior. More and more big brands have started implementing the Augmented and Virtual reality concepts to give a whole new experience to their buyers. Consumers usually make their online purchase by merely reading the product info, reviews or by looking at a flat picture or a video. But they get a true feel for a place or item before making a commitment, if AR and VR technology is successfully leveraged. Start your AR project with us, Let us build outstanding AR content for your business.

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