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by | Jul 5, 2018

So that's what I did…

Slipped it into one of the conversations with her and casually said “You know Hina and Mubin were talking about condom today”

And this was her response…

“What? What did you just say? Don't ever say that word again”

And I was like… “Why mom?”

Yeah, that was my mom…

10 years later, I am still here not daring to utter that word again in front of her or in my house premises. That's how us Indians have always been. In this evidently sex-obsessed country, the most important word is never talked about.

With the adult industry advancing leaps & bounds every minute, we are still clueless that female condoms exist! There's so much happened with the humble condom and we are not even informed!

This state of naivety leads to jumbled queries in your mind, weird Google searches, industry jargons thrown at your face with no complete resolution whatsoever.

So here we list down everything you have searched, your lover has searched, your friend has searched, your neighbor has searched and more than those…

We would like to keep this list as relevant to you as possible and not to the already advanced sex industry.

What are flavored condoms used for?

Like heck, why are they even made?

We do not blame you if you have had this thought. The sole use of the condom is for insertion right? So how does our sex benefit from the application of flavors onto our genitals?

Nope, you are getting it all wrong. Why do you think the condom industry has evolved and advanced so much? Why have they innovated condoms?

Its because our sex has evolved over the years.

It's not the simple in and out missionary anymore. There's foreplay, BDSM, and whatnot One of the activities into the mix is “oral sex”. And that's exactly why flavored condom is in for. Oral sex is the act of stimulating your partner's genitals through the mouth.

Now you may wonder, who the hell uses a condom for that?

To that my answer is haven't you heard, better be safe than sorry? Every sexual activity you engage in must be protected from harmful sexual diseases that can spread through the contact of private parts and mouth.

Also, flavored condoms take the oral sex experience to a whole new level. It takes away the plainness and adds vibrancy through its refreshing colors & flavors.

There you go, your awkward Google search query answered.

Does condoms really preventspregnancy?

Which also covers… does condom really work?

Pregnancy? Duh… that's why they are made in the first place. Other than the minor risks of breakage and spillage, condoms are absolutely safe to be used and effectively prevents sperms from entering the uterus and fertilizing an egg. It is also surprisingly cheap and affordable for almost everyone. So go ahead and wrap that big boy!

Does using a condom make sex less pleasurable?

A big NO! Sex at the end of the day is a union of two souls and until you are connected with your partner in some way or the other, sex is gonna feel GREAT!

In fact, condoms help a lot with your peace of mind. You are free from constant worrying about pregnancy and other infections. So you can engage in sex peacefully and happily.

Do condoms expire?

Yes, condoms do expire and almost all condoms have an expiry date printed on the package. The expiry date is approximately 5 years from the date of manufacturing. Make sure to check the packing before using a condom.

An expired condom has high chances of breaking down during intercourse and you do not want that. So just like any other product, please do check when the condom expires.

If you have a condom packet lying around unused for quite a while, make sure to check that for expiration and throw it away.

What even are ribbed condoms?

You might want to add in “dotted” condoms too there.

If you see a normal latex condom it is very smooth to the touch and the texture is plain. Ribbed and Dotted and the “textures” of a condom.

When a condom has thin stripes on the outer surface, it is the ribbed condom. And when a condom has small raised dots on its texture, they are the dotted condoms.

Both of these are designed keeping only one thing in mind- your pleasure. When the penetration takes place, these unique textures creates a pleasurable friction and makes the sex feel even more sensuous.

What is the best place to buy condoms in India?

Given the traditional mindset of our country, it is extremely difficult to step out of the house to buy a condom. is India's largest sexual wellness destination which takes care of your sexual needs.

Apart from stocking the best international condoms, regularly conducts hosts unbelievable offers and discounts on condoms. Now to the point, important to you. delivers all your sexual needs in the safest manner possible in an Indian society. It guarantees you 100% discreet delivery. Your order will be wrapped and packaged in a plain box to take care of your privacy.

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