Preparing for New Concrete Driveway

by | Nov 21, 2022

New concrete driveways are a great way to improve curb appeal and raise the value of any home or business on the Mornington Peninsula. But important preparation work must be done before skilled concreters pour any concrete. You may secure a high-quality, long-lasting outcome that will serve you well for many years to come by using these suggestions before pouring concrete.
1. Remove organic waste.

The best thing to do before installing a new concrete driveway is to remove any biological waste that may be present, such as:






A poorer overall structure might result from organic debris interfering with the bonds that hold concrete and aggregate together. Renting a Bobcat or comparable piece of equipment could be beneficial if you have a lot of organic garbage to get rid of.

2. Display notices for nearby residents or staff.

Another crucial step in preparing for new concrete driveways for Mornington Peninsula properties is posting notices for neighbors (or employees). Everyone will be informed in this manner that work is being done and that there might be some noise and disturbance as a result. Additionally, it will guarantee that the area is kept clear both before and after the concreting process.

Post notices in a prominent place, such as on a fence or by the front door. To make sure that everyone sees them, you might even want to hand deliver them.

3. To request utility marks, dial 1100.

Before you dig, know When digging for concrete driveways or paths, Australia is a national organization that offers a free service to assist you in preventing damage to underground cables and pipelines. You can reach the appropriate authority in your state or territory by dialing 1100 from anywhere in Australia, and they will send someone out to mark any subterranean assets on your land. Prior to beginning any excavation work, this is a crucial step to perform.

4. Look for substitute parking.

Finding a different parking spot at this period will be necessary because it's likely that your present parking spaces will be under construction as a result of the new concrete roads or walks. This could entail leaving your vehicle in a public parking lot or on the street. In order to avoid being stuck when the construction starts, be sure to account for this in your preparation.

5. Locate lodging for children or dogs.

Making alternate arrangements for kids and dogs while the work is being done is crucial because any construction site poses a risk to both of them. Pets may need to be boarded in a kennel or cattery, and children may need to stay with family or friends.

Be Ready For Stress-Free Concrete Work

For your new concrete driveway, you can eliminate any potential issues and guarantee a high-quality, long-lasting outcome by taking the time to prepare. We advise working with a professional concreting firm that can provide you advice on the best course of action and complete the work to a high standard if you don't know where to begin or don't have the time to do it yourself.