Search Engine Marketing on Demand

by | Sep 27, 2005

Search Engine Marketing, or simply SEM, has been one of the most used and discussed subjects the last years by web marketing pros. Suggestions, theories, complaints and success stories are constantly on the scene.

The field of SEM started just a few years ago and it has become impressively important for those who intend to succeed doing internet businesses.

Having a successful web site involves many aspects; each one of them closely related to the other in what will be the denominated a Web Marketing Strategy – the essential part of a marketing campaign.

To build the proper strategy is necessary to prepare an exhaustive market research, understand which our niche market is, and create a plan to reach our audience the best possible way, avoiding unnecessary risks and expensive costs, expecting a secure and profitable ROI.

Once the SEM strategy is ready, we may start working on the selected optimization tools as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click – paid advertising), Link Development, Press Releases, Affiliate Marketing programs, email marketing, and many other ways of boosting traffic and sales, as long as it's required and fits the project's budget.

A smart web marketing strategy should perform different tools on each stage, in order to gain particular success parameters according to its real possibilities.

SEO uses to be the base of Search Engine Marketing campaigns as it involves the web site's organic traffic generation and in-site performance, while other techniques assist and support the SE optimization work; nevertheless I want to remark that as each campaign is a world apart and unique Marketing objectives should be taken into consideration to decide the correct tools to implement.

After the web marketing campaign starts, a regular evaluation process is a mandatory stage to review and correct whatever needs to be improved, as well as to know how profitable each single campaign/ad/keyword is. After reviewing the web analytics results and understanding our audience's behavior, we are ready to proceed to a new phase into the recurring web marketing process.

Answering the core question, what makes us go over Search Engine Marketing once and again?

Simple, the world is always changing and so we must do to keep having a competitive web sites and attractive content to offer.

Mr. Daniel Katz is the Business Development Manager at Compucall Web Marketing Ltd [] – experts in International Web Marketing and Marketing Strategies.

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