Why Should We Avoid Toxic Backlinks?

by | Oct 18, 2022

by Designpluz Digitalagency

Link building is essential for Google ranking which can’t be ignored in this digital marketing era. Drawing traffic through the search engine optimization(SEO) technique is a hectic process. Due to this, some SEO analysts use shortcut methods to draw more traffic to their websites. A link that directs to your website from another website is a backlink, also known as an inbound link. If many sites, especially high-authority websites, link to your website, then search engines will crawl the website among other competitors on the search engine results page (SERP).

Toxic Backlink: Google has set webmaster guidelines and expects all websites to follow them for a better position in its SERP. If a website manipulates its link for the sole purpose of increasing search ranking, then the link is called a toxic link. This is to stop all the illicit SEO practices, like toxic backlinks, to draw genuine traffic. If a website uses toxic backlinks, then Google will remove your site from its index.

Things that make a link spammy or toxic are

? Links that are used only for linking. ? Backlinks from other websites (unrelated topics and content) linking your website. ? Sites that are not indexed by Google. ? Inserting backlinks in blog comments. ? Hiding the link in a website footer. ? Including the link on all pages of the website. ? Links marked as sponsors. ? Using exact match keywords or anchor text.

Impact of the toxic link on your website: Google doesn’t approve of the use of manipulative links, which had a profound effect on SERP. In recent years, Google’s algorithm has grown exponentially to reduce toxic links and increase organic traffic. The websites should concentrate on quality over quantity links because low-quality links can ruin your organic traffic and ranking.

Manual Action for Unnatural Links: When pages in a website are not compliant with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines (like excessive spam), a human reviewer or one(from Google) who reviews your link profile manually will apply manual action for unnatural links. Manual links were once common but not nowadays. Since the time and resources consumption is huge, Google decided to use an algorithm to identify the bad links. Excessive spamming can lead to manual actions, so try avoiding it.

If a competitor files a spam report or issues are detected algorithmically, it can trigger manual actions. You will receive a notification in Google Search Console(GSC) if your site is triggered for a manual review. The pages which are affected by that review will lose their current ranking position after the penalty. Your site won’t be allowed to regain its old ranking unless the toxic links are removed. Remove the toxic links or request the webmaster to add nofollow, user-generated content ( UGC) or sponsored content and repudiate if you can’t.

Algorithmic Filter: Another reason for the decline in the ranking of your website is an algorithmic filter(algorithmic penalty or adjustment) caused by toxic links. Unlike manual reviewers, algorithms affect your ranking when unnatural links are detected. A new effort is made by Google, called Penguin, to prevent websites from manipulating links and stuffing keywords, while rewarding high-quality websites. In this algorithmic filter, you can’t file a reconsideration request or won’t receive a notification from GSC.

The decline in organic traffic may vary depending on the extent of unnatural links. Disavow the links, which you think are problematic, and stop the tactics that you used to cause this issue. Since your site is held up due to unnatural bad links, you can’t recover your previous ranking that was before the adjustment. You have to start again from the beginning.

Avoid getting backlinks from sources like discussion forums, press releases, private blog networks, foreign guestbooks, guide services and social bookmarks.

It is impossible to avoid these backlinks all the time. It is crucial to safeguard your website from Google’s penalty by taking corrective measures to avoid loss of traffic. Constantly monitor your backlinks for better organic traffic avoiding spam links. Toxic backlinks will have a huge impact on SERP rankings.

Backlinks are important because this acts as a medium to drive traffic to your website, but the quality will decide whether the site is trustworthy or not. Instead of removing the link, by yourself, you can ask the website owner to remove the backlink which you think is harmful. If you couldn’t remove it, disavow the toxic links. If you are looking for best seo services contact Designpluz Sydney Web Design