What’s the Number 16 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

The number 16 reason you can't find love is surprisingly common. It's an example of how people sabotage their relationship before it starts. It's a mindset. The number 16 reason you can't find love is because you have an exit strategy before it starts. In other words, you have a back up person in case the main relationship fails.

That is an example of a person making plans to fail or planning to fail. Why would any one plan for failure? So you go into relationships thinking: when my main relationship fails, I'll have someone waiting for me. That means you are entertaining 2 people at the same time.

There is so much that goes into a strategy like that. You have to remember lies. You have to remember who you told what so you don't mix the 2 up. You are dividing your time which creates opportunity costs for other important things like business or developing yourself. For a man, you could be spending twice the money which also creates opportunity costs. You could be investing your money in better places.

If you are dividing yourself, you are neglecting both. When it does not work out with the main one, you believe he or she person is at fault and you pat yourself on the back for having a back up. What you don't see is you created a self fulfilling prophesy. When you plan for failure, you get what you deserve, failure.

It is also an example of no commitment or integrity. If you start without either commitment or integrity, what do you believe will happen? Your life does not exist in a vacuum. If you lack integrity in one area, it will lack in other areas. A lack of integrity is a mindset. Your mindset is who you are and it follows you in every aspect of life. Now think about the kind of person you can attract when you lack integrity. And you wonder why you can't find love?

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