Are You Willing To Be A WISER Leader?

by | Dec 24, 2021

No matter how, well – intentioned, trained, and focused on being a quality leader, everyone can improve, in some ways! After, over four decades, of personal and professional involvement, in, nearly, everything related to effectively leading, and meaningful planning, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, as well as serving, personally, as a leader, several times, I strongly feel, one must want to be, as well as willing to effectively, listen, and learn, in order to become the finest, possible leader, and a much WISER one! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, why it matters, and why one, must proceed with endurance, persistence, and a willingness to proceed, proactively.

1. Whole; The W's (questions needing to be asked); wisdom: Wouldn't organizations be better served and represented, if/ when, leaders were better trained, knew how to plan effectively, and had the attitude, aptitude, state – of – mind, endurance, persistence, self – confidence, and relevant knowledge, and expertise, hopefully, to acquire knowledge, and hopefully, meaningful wisdom! Great leaders must examine thoroughly, and consider, the whole picture! They must ask the necessary questions, including what are referred to, as The W's, which including, asking who should be part of their inner circle, and why, what are their priorities, in the immediate, as well as, longer – run, and, when, well – considered action was needed, and necessary, etc.

2. Integrity; ideals/ ideology; insights; imagination; innovation; ideas: Without absolute integrity, an individual is, not ready – for – prime – time! A relevant, well – considered, imagination, the courage to innovate (when needed), quality insights, and ideals, which align, with the specific organization's ideology, are attributes, which make the most difference, for the better!

3. Service; sustainable; solutions; strengths/ stronger: Meaningful service and representation are core ingredients, in making a change – for – the – better, and preparing, accordingly! A real leader must understand the group's and his own strengths, and use them, effectively, to make the organization and its stakeholders, stronger! Wise leaders proceed, with the finest, most sustainable solutions, instead of accepting, good – enough!

4. Empathy; emphasis; efforts; excellence; endurance; enrich: It takes effective listening, and learning, from every conversation and experience, to gain the level of genuine empathy, and proceed, forward, with their emphasis, accordingly! When efforts are focused on excellence, and an individual, possesses the endurance, to make a quality difference, he begins to become capable of enriching his organization!

5. Relevant; realistic; reasoning/ rationale; (do what's) right; responsive; responsibilities: Taking actions don't matter, unless/ until, they are truly, relevant! One can't afford to claim to be positive, but, that must be, without, wearing – rose – colored glasses! Realistic, positive reasoning, and understanding one's rationale, must align with, consistently, doing what's right, and responsive to current needs and priorities, as well as future ones! Great leadership means assume personal responsibilities, understanding them, and demanding his utmost degree of personal excellence, service, and representation!

Do you want to, and are you willing to become a WISER leader? Are you fit, to be a leader?

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands of leaders, and conducted personal development seminars, for 4 decades. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. His company, PLAN2LEAD, LLC has an informative website and Plan2lead can also be followed on Facebook

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