Don’t Give In to Your Fear and Weaken!

by | Dec 9, 2022

Ultimately, the only thing we need to be afraid of is fear. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous words inspired, energized, and brought hope to a nation facing the potential of numerous American deaths due to a dreadful conflict. But they're also true when it comes to each person developing into his full potential. Unfortunately, many people let their fears and FRIGHT to dominate and govern their thoughts, behaviors, and self-confidence, rather than helping themselves by continually moving forward with a realistic but positive can-do attitude. This kind of outlook is almost always counterproductive, but it's common because it seems like the easy way out. To that end, the purpose of this article is to attempt to explain what this means, what it signifies, and why it is important by employing a mnemonic technique.

1. Although it may be more difficult, our best personal strategy is to confront our anxieties and acknowledge the realities, even if they are unsettling or difficult. Only then can we confidently move forward into the future with the best, most viable line of action and solution in mind. Rather than accepting a path that may be better for someone else than it is for you, take control of your own life and make it what you want it to be.

2. In the long term, being realistic about how to move forward is the most fruitful strategy. Spend some time reflecting on your thinking to make sure your perspectives and assumptions are well-grounded and accurate. If you want results that are actually tailored to you, you should always think about whether the method you're using is truly flexible enough to accommodate your own goals and priorities.

3. When the status quo isn't cutting it, are you willing to stick to your principles, uphold your highest ideals, seek out new information, use your imagination, and come up with novel solutions?

4. Progression; wise people aim for maximum personal, productive, and meaningful development, but they also know that reaching the best possible outcomes calls for a methodical, patient, and persistent approach.

5. Restoring health and happiness requires a well-rounded strategy that takes into account both your rational and emotional faculties.

6. Always be honest with yourself if you want to build up your own sense of trust and personal truth. It needs an open mind to realize that times change and it's necessary to capitalize on the most relevant trends, as well as the willingness to utilize well-considered, timely action backed by knowledge gained through thoroughly grasping the prospective lessons, learned, in a time-tested method.

Rather than allowing your fear rule you, why not take charge of it in a constructive way that leads to better outcomes? Do you feel ready to assist yourself?