Ignore All The Reasons Why You Can’t Do Something And Concentrate On The Factors That Will Allow You To Succeed

by | Dec 9, 2022

Ignore the Facts That Keep You From Accomplishing Something.

Do you tend to obsess on the things that prevent you from achieving your goals? It's possible that you'll find yourself wondering why you'll never have a better job, a more fulfilling relationship, better health, or anything else you want.

We can become more convinced of the truth of these things by focusing our attention on them. You have the ability to modify and direct your destiny; thus, you must not allow your ideas to control the reality that you are experiencing.

I am aware that this is not always how it appears, particularly if you are faced with a never-ending stream of challenges and obstacles. When you work hard to make changes in your life but constantly running into obstacles, it can be difficult to know what to do.

When you have a purpose, a goal, or a dream that is important enough to you and a compelling enough reason to accomplish it, there is nothing that can prevent you from making it a reality. If our vision isn't clear, then every obstacle or setback will become an obstacle in the way of our ability to achieve our goals. We are going to pay attention to the challenge, but we won't realize that it is pointing us in the right direction. Our latent capacity to accomplish our objectives is roused into action when we face adversity.

Is this something that resonates with you in some way? Simply give a slight nod to show that you are acknowledging that you have traveled down this path of resistance. There is no benefit to giving up since regret has a tendency of focusing our attention on what we have lost rather than what we have gained.

So the question is, what are the steps we need to take to get to where we want to be? How do we get around the difficulties and hurdles that stand in the way of achieving our goals? The key is to cultivate the mental toughness necessary to carry on in the face of adversity. It entails putting aside the arguments for why you can't do something and concentrating instead on the arguments for why you can.

Psychologists who study evolution believe that a biological component of the human brain is responsible for the innate pessimism that is present in the human mind. We are overcome by the negativity, and as a result, we fail to recognize that it is a cautionary signal indicating that there is something important that requires our attention. Its purpose is not to impede our progress but rather to demonstrate that we are getting closer to achieving our objectives.

Sometimes, we have to deal with the criticism of loved ones who tell us that we can't accomplish something since no one in our family has ever accomplished it. They may try to discourage you from thinking large or aiming high by claiming that it is impossible.

You will eventually come to believe that this story is true because, if it is told to you frequently enough, it will eventually persuade you that it is. In spite of this, though, it takes a special kind of person to go forward in the face of this kind of criticism.

Imagine the countless possible outcomes.

It is challenging when the people you care about the most turn against you, especially when they should be on your side. However, it is not necessary for you to persuade other individuals of your dreams or vision. You need just to be confident in your plans for the future and refuse to let anyone or anything stand in the way of you fulfilling those plans.

When you finally accomplish what you set out to do, those closest to you, along with your friends and colleagues at work, will be happy for you because you did not give up. They will praise you and link their name with what you have accomplished. However, you are not acting in this manner in order to garner attention. You are not engaging in this activity with the intention of garnering applause, recognition, or reputation. You are working toward accomplishing what brings out the best in you. That which excites your spirit and serves as the impetus behind why you choose to go after your goal or dream in the first place.

People who think like you are visionaries because you look forward to a future that is full with possibilities. It makes no difference if you have no idea how it will come about because figuring that out is a part of the trip. What is important is that you do not give up on the dreams you have for yourself.

What truly counts is that you keep going in spite of the resistance, challenges, and hurdles that you encounter. There have been people with vision throughout history, and our lives would be devoid of meaning if it weren't for the contributions of those with vision.

Visionaries have historically been subjected to repression, victimization, anguish, scorn, and threats that they will never achieve their goals. They became even more driven and determined to realize their goal as a result of this setback. People who are like this need to communicate a yearning that comes from the very depths of their being.

They have made it their mission to birth a new world that is the product of their imagination and their vision. Now, let me ask you this: do you consider yourself to be one of these visionaries? To be a visionary, it is not necessary to be active on the international stage; rather, you must be working locally and impacting change on a more local scale. You should never, ever undervalue the effect that your actions can have on the people around you. It's possible that you're the only person who can make a difference in other people's lives in ways that you can't even begin to fathom.

Therefore, what are the reasons that you are unable to perform something at this very moment? Is it a matter of lacking talent? Could it be fear? Is there something else going on? Whatever it is, you should take note of it because it is trying to tell you something significant about yourself. Recognize the pushback you're receiving, and then, to paraphrase the title of Susan Jeffers' book, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.”

Acknowledge your concerns, uncertainties, and anxieties, and then proceed. Get in the game and keep at it until you've accomplished everything you set out to do. Along the road, you could run with people who disagree with you or laugh at you. Those individuals aren't inherently bad people, but they have been sent to you by the universe as a test to see how dedicated you are to achieving your goals.

Keeping this in mind, I want you to think of five reasons why you CAN attain a goal or purpose that you have right now. Think without any constraints preventing you from going further. As long as you don't give up, you should consider the countless possibilities and allow yourself to believe that what you want can and will come to pass. Because if you disregard all of the reasons why you can't do something and instead concentrate on the reasons why you can, you will run into your future at the most inopportune moment.