​Knowledge is Power and Genius is Learned

by | Dec 7, 2022

Knowledge is power and Genius is Learned, and learning from the great minds of history can shape and empower your thought processes, allowing you to alter your consciousness and set you on the path to higher thinking and better decision making. I have lived by philosophies of great minds my entire life, and have found that it has been  prudent to frequently meditate on them, giving me my consciousness and subconscious the opportunity to superimpose them on my real world situations and I frequently find they come to mind unbidden, to offer guidance at the right moment. 


Sources of inspiration spring from everywhere, starting with the Bible, and then examining and learning from the history of great men and leaders. Searching to discover the mindset of these individuals, and what set them apart, and put them on the path to greatness.


It is said that we are the sum total of our decisions, this is true, then we must be prepared to make the best decisions possible at every juncture. Learning from the masters, and drawing upon the experience of others, is most certainly the fastest path to any form of success.


Knowledge is power, and that power grows exponentially as we are able to access more information. And the amount of information that we can access these days seems without limit. The Internet has provided a wellspring of seemingly unending sources of information, but without the critical wisdom required to implement that knowledge, it is all useless.

Learning the thought processes of the great leaders and thinkers of our time, can give critical insights into. How do you make decisions on a daily basis? It was recently estimated that the average person makes as many as 122 decisions per day. I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, that number is probably triple.


Understanding this, I want to make the best decisions possible, especially when I’m interacting with others. I want to be wise, persuasive, knowledgeable about the subjects that I am interacting with individuals and able to lead them to successes they are incapable of accomplishing on their own.


With a new video channel,  ‘knowledge is power “, I’ll be showcasing a series of philosophical video topics on leadership and success ranging from some of the greatest thinkers and inspirational sources of our time in history.


I hope you enjoy this very meditative series that allows you to indulge in some of the greatest quotes in human history that can change the way you think, and help lead you down a path to better decision-making.