When the going gets tough, the tough quit. Today is not the day to give up, though.

by | Dec 9, 2022

Think back to the last time something unexpected and difficult came your way. Perhaps it was an intimate situation in which you had to decide between two options. The first was to give in to your circumstances, stop trying to change them, and deny yourself all hope. The option was to face the problem head-on and figure out how to handle it, despite the fact that you could do little to stop it. So, which did you pick?

Taking the path of least resistance always entails the least amount of work. It's easy to give up when you're faced with difficult conditions, an unexpected event, or even just moments of lingering uncertainty about how to go. Any of these obstacles may feel insurmountable because of the time and energy you assume you'll need to overcome them.

When you reach a point where you must choose between giving up and continuing to attempt, make your choice an affirmation: Today is not the day to give up. You should never give up, no matter how many times you feel like you've failed or let yourself down in the past because of your actions or inactions. No good can come from giving up because things are tough now.

I get that there will be times when this idea seems less daunting to accept. In the event that you receive a health diagnosis that you were not expecting, and as a result, you feel that your future is unknown, this may be the case. Well, now is not the day to throw in the towel, as you should tell yourself. Your health will be directly affected by the way you feel about yourself. What and how you believe may have a significant impact on your ability to deal with the future and prioritize your own health and happiness. One solution is to put more faith in one's own internal resources, such as one's own reserves of strength. When you've done this, you'll feel mentally fortified and prepared to take on whatever challenges lie ahead.

Irrational Explanation for Leaving: Something Unanticipated

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at you. This sort of thing typically occurs suddenly and takes you by surprise. This is probably one of the most tempting moments to give up on addressing the challenges ahead. You can't possibly prepare for every eventuality that might arise. When the unexpected occurs, and it always does, you can try to avoid it by running or hiding, or you can confront it head-on. You probably already know that trying to avoid your difficulties by going somewhere else is a temporary solution at best. Whatever has happened in your life up to this point, it must be dealt with at some point. Your ability to deal with any challenge will be directly proportional to how quickly you can access your own reserves of inner resolve and fortitude.

Reason for Leaving: Unresolved Questions

Having a strong intellect at the ready can make all the difference in how you respond to a difficult circumstance, whether it's one you're facing in your personal life or in your career. For instance, if you experience a tiny setback in your life, such as a goal you were unable to fulfill as quickly as you had anticipated you would, you need not let this discourage you.

If, on the other hand, you interpret this setback as evidence that you are, in fact, a failure, you may find it exceedingly difficult to start moving forward again. Persisting concerns about your own talent, capability, or anything else are much more counterproductive. When faced with a difficulty or a circumstance that looks too difficult to address at first, cultivating doubts can make it easier to quit or give up.

The Force and Strength Within You

Words like “resilience,” “willpower,” “grit,” and “determination” all allude to the same thing: the strength you find within yourself. That which is a sum total of these attributes is what I refer to as your internal power. If you ever feel like giving up, these things will give you the willpower to keep going. The three specific abilities you possess, created from your inner power, are the Power of Potential, the Power of Beliefs, and the Power of Affirmations. It is possible to develop and improve each of these abilities via focused effort. One or more of these abilities can be called upon at any time to ensure that today is not the day you give up because of your circumstances.

Possibility's Mighty Pull

There is something you have forgotten to consider whenever you view a situation as too tough, beyond your competence or capacity, more than you can reasonably bear, or any other reasoning which could be a combination of these reasons: You have immense potential. You should tell yourself this frequently, especially when you feel helpless in the face of a problem or challenge.

To know you have the ability to make changes in your life because of the potential you possess, all it takes is a moment of clarity—the realization that you can do more with your life, to look ahead at possibilities. You have the capability to develop a strong mindset and resist giving in to doubts and concerns even if the worst possible news has been delivered or the unexpected has occurred.

An Examination of the Role of Faith in Achieving Success

In this moment, what do you consider to be your most cherished self-belief? Perhaps it's more natural to focus on the negative.

A person's beliefs are mental statements they form and repeatedly reinforce, usually without questioning or revising them unless they deliberately choose to do so. It's a belief you tell yourself over and over again until you grow to believe it's true, especially if you find sufficient proof or results to back it up. If a person, for whatever reason, has formed the conviction that they will inevitably fail at everything they try, then the data will seem to confirm and reinforce that conviction. When things aren't going well in life, it's easy to form and replay negative beliefs. However, your success in life can be greatly influenced by your own optimistic outlook.

If you're at a point in your life where you feel like giving up and your negative thoughts are repeating over and over in your head, it's time to shift your perspective. Recall the most recent significant achievement you've had. Don't forget the specifics, and don't forget how it felt to finally do that thing. Now that you have had some time to think, consider this: You will never know what you are capable of unless you actually try. You finally got where you needed to go by making that initial move. You can't predict the future, but your convictions will carry you through whatever comes. You can get yourself mentally ready and over your fear of taking the next step.

Affirmations and Their Impact

Affirmations help you cultivate the little remaining inner strength you have. These are personalized affirmations, created with you in mind, to help you stay strong when you need it most. Feelings of doubt and anxiety, for instance, might be among the most debilitating ones. Strong positive affirmations that start with “I am” and end with optimistic terms like “strong,” “powerful,” “hopeful,” “unafraid,” “fearless,” “focused,” “calm,” etc. can help you alter your outlook.

That kind of strength can be valuable in a variety of other contexts as well. One such instance is when you face what appears to be an impossible challenge and, for whatever reason, you immediately assume that you will fail. Or maybe you have to deal with someone who, no matter what you say or do, just doesn't have any faith in you. Start your statement with “I can and I will” and end it with something encouraging like “perform to the best of my skills” or “believe in the best about myself.” The goal is to help you form beliefs that are helpful by putting things in a more positive context.

You Can Do Anything

When you feel like giving up, it's time to do an internal evaluation of why you want to quit. You might want to ask yourself what else you are capable of if you can muster the will to keep trying. What may be feasible if one were to make even greater efforts? How confident are you in your capacity to deal with the difficulty presented by the unforeseen circumstances you're facing right now?

One thing to keep in mind if you have a dream you wish to make a reality is that the sky is not the limit. Your thoughts, efforts, and dedication will get you where you want to go. You can have faith in anything you want.

When it comes to overcoming apprehension and uncertainty, for every excuse not to try, there is a better one. Your level of determination should increase in proportion to the difficulty of the obstacle you are trying to conquer. It's not just about how you'll get through what you have to go through; it's about how you'll keep going no matter how scary or uncertain things get.

It's as simple as shifting your attention to tap into the limitless reserves of strength you already possess. Making “I can” and “I will” your personal mantras will ensure that quitting up is never an option.