Should Teachers Be Limited in Their Use of Social Media with Students?

by | Nov 27, 2022

By Timothy Ryan

Have you ever considered the query in the title? What do you think about that? I provide insight into the subject from my perspective in this essay. Check to see whether your ideas concur with mine. Find out by reading on.

It seems to me that professors shouldn't constantly be available to assist students with their problems, whether they are academic or not. The bulk of the time, students should learn to help themselves.

Teachers can set out specific hours each week for their pupils to use social media, such as Tuesday and Thursday from 3 to 5. Students who are interested in networking can simply make an announcement in class. Other than their actual counseling hours, the teachers don't need to post these times on their websites.

They should be cordial with their students while maintaining their gravity and strictness. Students should maintain their distance without being overly personal by maintaining their respect and air of significance.

Teachers should not be perceived by students as their friends, coworkers, or peers in the workplace. Therefore, their teachers are free to decide whether or not they wish to join their professional or social networks. Teachers should carry their actual identities or pictures with them at all times, even if they don't, to make their students at least somewhat frightened of them.

On the other hand, social networking is a contemporary age convenience in this modern age. Teachers should therefore embrace timid and reserved pupils who prefer to connect online rather than face-to-face and become a part of their social networks.

But in any case, I stand by my earlier assertions that teachers must always maintain their dignity and respect even when they enjoy connecting with their students to assist them in academic or nonacademic ways.

These are my opinions on whether teachers should place restrictions on their use of social networking sites with their students. Since I used to work as a teacher, I believe that students should respect instructors and treat them with the decency and courtesy that they deserve, even when using social media.

What do you think of the topic now that I have discussed my points of view about it? Do they share my sentiments? What would you say? Your opinions on the matter are probably sufficiently similar to mine.

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