The Real Cause of Bitcoin’s Fall

by | Nov 27, 2022

By Brian Mills

We all recall a period when one Bitcoin was worth more than $13,000 before it abruptly dropped in value to only $6,000 today.

I'll explain why people never seem to know or comprehend the significance of these drops.

BitCoin was first created in a fixed quantity by the developers, but as it gained value, more needed to be created. Nobody understood that, am I right? Let me elaborate further.

Therefore, imagine that the BitCoin inventors initially produced 10,000,000 BitCoin. Since there were now 10,000,000 Bitcoin in circulation and they were being owned by people all around the world, their value began to rise.
The creators of the cryptocurrency realized that although fewer people had it, it had increased in value and that more needed to be produced so that more people could hold it.
And what more effective approach is there to produce more Bitcoin?

if $13,000 worth of bitcoin.
10,000,000 Bitcoin would then equal $130,000,000.
Therefore, there are 130,000,000,000,000 users online.
The developers then had the idea!
Let's bring down the price of bitcoin and then generate more with the money that remains.
That is, lower the price and produce more since BitCoin has created $130,000,000,000 in the internet.
1 Bitcoin equals $13,000, thus 1 bitcoin is now worth $6,000
Therefore, 2.2 BitCoins can be made from 1 BitCoin.
The location of the just created BitCoin is now the question.

It is prevalent over the internet!
Every website you visit contains it.
Every social networking platform has it.
Throughout the entire world!
Located in North America.
South America contains it.
Located in Africa.
This is in Asia.
Located in Europe.
It's all over the place!
Simply begin mining it is all that is required.
How do you begin mining these digital currencies now?
There are many other pieces of Bitcoin mining software, but I'd suggest Web'Miner.
It's software that was created by “Soft Tech Geeks,” a Chinese company. have been generating a lot of money from it and have been utilizing it frequently.

Why is he sharing it now, others may ask?
Some may argue that if something is so simple, why not just mine? so that you can take it all.

The developers, however, are clever since they set a mining cap. The intention was not for any one person or specific group of people to possess it.

Everyone in the world was supposed to be able to own these digital currencies.