There are 5 reasons why your website is terrible, although you’ll probably deny it.

by | Nov 18, 2022

 By Zak Marris

We have stressed the importance of having a completely constructed, aesthetically pleasing, and flawlessly functioning website. Your brand's or company's website is the new business card in today's technology world. Since your website is the first thing visitors see, we only hope it makes a nice first impression. Likewise, it would take them 20 to 30 seconds to form an opinion about what you do, what you have to offer, and most crucially, how you can assist them. And have you considered whether your website is able to respond to those queries. If so, are you actually getting your point across? Let's check to see if your website addresses them.


If your website lacks this, then we must warn you that your message is not effectively persuading your visitors. Word-of-mouth is significant in this socially driven world. And your satisfied clients are the best possible advocates for you. Testimonials are extremely crucial for a website, especially for the homepage and landing pages because they inspire trust and curiosity in potential customers to actually try your company. However, give it a personal touch and be genuine. Otherwise, it would be a programmed attempt that would fail. Make sure it is credible, brief, clear, and comes from a reputable source.

Unsuccessful Color Combinations

Customers of today are visual as well as social. Nothing can make a customer flee faster than an offensive color combination. Color has a significant impact on your business since it determines the first reaction after impact. A quick look at color psychology will show you how different colors affect people's emotions in different ways. A excellent self-reflective inquiry is “Am I getting my point over to my potential customers with the color combination I now have?” Colors are challenging. And when it comes to websites, conversion is more important than dubious personal preference.

Unreliable and Difficult to Find Information

When it comes to websites, notably any information connected to numbers like pricing and addresses, failing to update or uploading inaccurate information is a sin. In the event that you move or alter the business hours, periodically check them and update the website. Social networking is insufficient to keep your customers informed. Keep in mind that Google monitors your website and will display the data in the search results. Make the menu bar very visible and available to your clients to make it even easier for them to find.

aggressive enrollment

With this, we refer to websites that demand registration or the submission of visitor data, such as email addresses, prior to access. This aggressive behavior is bad since it raises your customer's suspicions and offers them nothing of value. Just make your website user-friendly, unless you are a national newspaper or a research journal site.

Plays Audio or Video Automatically

The same minor heart attack you could experience while scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed due to a video playing will occur if you blast a video or music at site visitors. You not only risk sending your clients into shock, but you also slow down your website's load speed. If you must include a video on your homepage or landing page, at the very least put it on mute or let the visitor decide whether to play it or not.

Any other website visit pet peeves that aggravate you so much? Inform us! Or let us assist you if there are goods here that are on your website. Algorithm IT has you covered because we are experts in software sales, website design and development, website repair, website hosting, and mobile app development. Visit our website to begin building your brand-new, gorgeous website!